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Rescate Playas Borinquen

Your generosity makes our work possible

We accept all forms of online payments or we can pick up any payment in person.

You can make your donations in the form of cryptocurrencies through our Venmo.

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Private donations and the hard work of the community have allowed us to achieve the progress we have made at Punta Borinquen.

Why is your donation crucial to us?

During the last decade, many beaches and recreational facilities in Puerto Rico have been closed to the public or are in an inhospitable state that is neither safe nor open local

The local merchants and donors have made it possible for us to continue to keep the land clean areas maintained for everyone to enjoy.

Since we do not receive government subsidies, your donation is essential for us to continue our mission and carry out the countless projects we have conceived that are only possible thanks to your generosity.

Our mission is to keep the natural and recreational areas of Punta Borinquen open to the public. We want to build areas where our Puerto Rican brothers and sisters and visitors from all over the world can gather and relax in harmony with nature.

Rescate Playas Borinquen LOGO (2)

Rescate Playas Borinquen

How much can I donate to Rescate Playas Boriquen?

Pursuant to section 6020.10 of Act 60 of 2019, the amount of the donation increased to $10,000.00 annually, of which the person or entity with the Act 20 or 22 decree may pay directly to a nonprofit organization the sum of $5,000.00 and to the Department of Economic Development for distribution by the legislature the other half ($5,000.00).

Thanks to our Heroes

Kathryn Ortiz, Osborne family, Mr. and Mrs. Jon Everett Creighton, Jon and Celeste Keele, Dustin Young, Lucas Cajiao, Rohit Sharma We would like to mention everyone, but all the other supporters who are not listed here,

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Corazón

We are deeply grateful to the local families, merchants and commercial establishments that have contributed financially to Rescate, making our projects viable.

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